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With over 30 years’ experience teaching university students, graduates, managers and company directors, we can help you;

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We are here to help

With a proven track record of helping people succeed in improving their CV writing and interview skills, you too can get the job you want.

Business English

We are here to help

Having worked in the banking, finance, insurance, construction, engineering, litigation, media, and energy sectors, we have all the knowledge to help you conduct your working life in English.


CV Writing Skills and Interview Skills

Only £75 for 5 sessions. Each session is 30 minutes

Course includes:

Business English Professional

Only £200 for 10 sessions. Each session is 30 minutes. You can take your sessions daily or weekly.

Course includes:

Business Skills: Telephoning, Emailing, Negotiating, Meetings, Presenting and Socialising

Each session is 30 minutes

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I was able to succeed and achieve level 7.5 with these one-to-one lessons. I’m very happy with how the lessons went and I’m now studying at the University of Ayr.

Carla, Italy, University of Ayr

I cannot thank my English trainer enough. After the lessons I was able to secure an important contract. They even helped improve our procedures at work.

Alberto, Italy, Financial Services

I needed help urgently and I got it with wired4english. We went through my CV and did some interview simulations. In the end, I got the promotion I wanted.

Andrea, Germany, Energy Sector